The Team

Keetra, Maddie & Emily...

making old tools in new ways.

Retoolings are a fledgling collection of our favorite creative tools reimagined. We’re beginning with hand-cast crayons that raise the question: To color or to keep? The tiny sculptures are excerpts of processes Keetra developed while fabricating larger scale wax works. Future Retoolings will likely include Retooling Pencils, Retooling Ballpoint Pens, Retooling Erasers, and Retooling Markers. 

Keetra Dean Dixon

Keetra was born and raised in Alaska. She attended the Minneapolis College of Art + Design and the Cranbrook Academy of Art, tackling Graphic Design at both schools. Since then she’s held the titles Designer, Experiential Director, Teacher, and Artist – but whatever the task, if she’s making, she’s happy…and she’s currently ecstatic! She can now be found fabricating tools + experimenting with waxy goodness every day of the week in her Rhode Island-based studio along with Emily & Maddie. 


Maddie Woods

Maddie’s a native Californian who’s made her way to Providence, RI for a master’s degree at RISD. She was born in Hong Kong and raised in San Diego. Maddie has no pets (yet), a lewd sense of humor, and a lot of sneakers. Before coming grad to school for graphic design, she learned about art history and psychology at Wesleyan University. She’s a bit obsessive when it comes to organization, systems, and color—her color-coded phone, closet, and bookshelves speak to this tendency—but that’s part of the reason Keetra keeps her around. You’ll find her at her happiest in the studio melting wax into pretty colors, eating lunch on the trampoline, and goofing around with the team. :-)


Emily Guez

Emily grew up in Paris, France and previously studied painting at Bennington College in VT. She’s currently pursuing her MFA in Graphic Design at RISD, where she met Keetra. She is interested in humans, performative technologies, anachronisms, and 1 to 1 scales. In the Retoolings studio, she enjoys using the bandsaw to make gleans, talking about sci-fi with Keetra, and giving too many treats to Tilda the dog. 

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